Your measurements will guide you to the right fit

We know how hard it might be to find the right fit when shopping online. To know your own measurements might be hard at first. But we promise you - your shopping experience will become a lot easier and more fun.

Follow thees steps:

1) Measure your bust, hips and waist. Write them down and keep them with you when going online to shop. 

2) Compare your measurements with the measurements of the garment. For best fit: add 5-10 centimeters.
3) Please note! Garment made of jersey are elastic and will stretch about 10 centimeters. When shopping jersey please select a size where the measurement is somewhat smaller than your own chest. Woven garments such as viscose, modal or our linen/cotton blend will not stretch. When shopping these materials please choose a size where the measurements are approximately 10 centimeters larger than your own measurements.

4) Take a look at the close-up picture of the material. Here you will see what kind of material the item is made of.

Are you not sure about what size you need? We recommend you to order two sizes at once and try them on in peace and quiet at home. Simply return the item that does not fit - without extra charges. Isn't it great?

The picture above displays our general size guide.

The picture above displays an example of the measurements of a garment. You will find a specific size guide for each garment among the pictures of the item.

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