In Good Company

"Do you ever feel alone?"

Alone in your search when trying to find stylish clothes in your size? The pants you try on in your size does not even reach up over your knees? Smiling falsely while facing the young, hip, and skinny clerk who asks "How did it go?" when you're emerging, sweaty, frustrated, hair all up in static, from the fitting room without having found a single garment that fitted you well?

Are you the only one to have accompanied your friend to the sleek and stylish designer store, and glanced at their largest size, only to realize that their size L, at best, seemed to fit the type of person who is half your size? Are you one of those that think the stores that offer the "right fit" for you seem to be talking about someone else; perhaps to some tired, old lady? Do you suffer with anxiety when trying to find the right clothes for that business trip, the party next week, or for the important meeting tomorrow morning? Feel like you're the only one round about the waist and rear end, broad across the hips, with a big bust and plump upper arms? The only one who is called "plus-size" by today's fashion?

Well, judging by what the vast majority of clothing stores are offering, we are the minority, and we're not fitting in.

But what do we really look like? We who have hips, butts, bellies, busts and thighs, all of which take up a little more room? We who have chosen to live without constant food rationing?  

We who've had babies and did not have time to do our sit-ups? We who are often stressed, work hard, but try to meet our friends over dinner and a glass of wine? We who like going to the gym and working out, but lose track of time and suddenly a month has passed since the last workout session? We who are like most women - yet like no other.

Isn't it obvious that we need clothes in a style and fit that work with us and not against us?
For all our sakes, that's why we created AliceDot. Here with us, you will find garments that are designed based on personal experience, and that of our friends; on our body shapes, our styles, our appetite for life, and on our desire to feel comfortable while still being well dressed. We do believe that we are not the only ones called "plus-size" - we know we are in good company - and hope that you will join us too. So let us skip the fraise plus size and call ourselves women who need clothes!

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